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Lowest Price Promise

     Unlike many e-tailers who work from their garage, we are a brick and mortar company incorporated in 2001. Although we have more expenses than these one man show e-tailers, we will beat their advertised prices, as long as they are within the realm of reason. (Some sites might simply put wrong prices, or sell knock-off low-quality products, or trying to melt down their inventory by selling below their costs). In most cases, not only we can match the competitor's price, but also give you up to %2 extra discount for letting us know of the competition. Just fill out the contact form, leave us your details, the item you want to purchase and finally the link of the competitor's web site. We will get back to you via email within a couple of business hours. You will either be receiving a specially tailored discount coupon which you will be using at the checkout to enable you save money, or in very rare cases, the reason why we can not match the price of the competitor.


Promotions & Coupons

%5 Storewide discount conditions
With the exception of the below brands we are currently offering %5 discount on all orders above $500. . Use promo code " 5off "at the checkout. Brands excluded from this general coupon are Rossetto, BDI and Calligaris.We give the best prices for Rossetto without the hassle of the coupons. As for the other two brands, they have very strict MAP rules.

Innovation USA Coupons

We offer the following promotions for the Innovation USA products. Even without the coupons we have the best deals. Do not
miss this temporary promotion.
If your Innovation USA cart total is
greater than $1,000, use the promo code "inno7off" for a %7 discount
greater than $1,500, use the promo code "inno8off" for a %8 discount
greater than $2,000, use the promo code "inno10off" for a %10 discount
Special Innovation Coupons


If you see any better price from a competitor, we will not only match, but beat by %2 as explained above.