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innovation sofa beds head designer Per WeissDenmarks's Innovation Furniture came to the United Sates as Innovation USA in 1991. Founded in 1971 by renowned designer Flemming Hojfeldt, Innovation USA has won many design awards for their sleek, modern, and avant-garde European furniture. They include prizes at the Danish National, International, and Scandinavian Furniture Fairs. The company offers Innovation USA futons, living room sets, platform beds and convertible sofas at affordable prices.

" The Istyle collection renders homage to the German Bauhaus movement. The Bauhaus school that named the movement existed from 1919 to 1933, and has been one of the most influential in modernist architecture and modern art and design. The groundbreaking focus was based on simplified forms and unadorned, functional designs for the masses.

Also the renowned Scandinavian design tradition is founded on the principles of the Bauhaus movement, only interpreted in a characteristic, Nordic way. Our aim is to create archetypical products based on this heritage; a strong focus on function, simple shapes and forms, and details that are determined by a balanced combination of rational arguments and aesthetics. We trust that archetypical designs combined with high quality and durability will secure long life cycles of our products, which is a simple way of paying attention to the environmental concerns that we are all facing."... Per Weiss - Head of Innovation design office.

Our showroom provides many of the Innovation USA furniture models. One of the leading online retailers nationwide, LaContempo is also the biggest Innovation Sofa Bed distributor in Los Angeles. The Innovation Sleeper provides coziness along with comfort and style at the best prices. The flexible prices and excellent customer service are the distinguishing features making LaContempo a leading brand in furniture industry.

Here is a great info regarding the inner structure of Innovation Sofa and Sofa beds.

If you are wandering about the great minds behind these unique designs you can visit our Innovation Designers page.

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  1. Innovation Frode Sofabed in 525 Mixed dance light blue - Full Size
    Now Only $1,145.00 Regular Price $1,765.00
  2. Innovation IDI Modular Sectional Sofabed - Full Size
    Now Only $2,035.00 Regular Price $3,155.00
  3. Innovation Long Horn Dual Sofabed - 555T Soft Gray
    Now Only $1,699.00 Regular Price $2,220.00
  4. Innovation Long Horn Dual Sofabed With Arm - 555T Soft Gray
    Now Only $2,299.00 Regular Price $2,870.00
  5. Innovation Reloader Sofa Bed (4 Color Options)
    Now Only $1,299.00 Regular Price $1,890.00
  6. Innovation Supremax Deluxe - 866-Vintage Velvet-Mauve
    Now Only $1,699.00 Regular Price $2,190.00
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